Your Privacy with us


Dont you all hate big companies that know everything about you and wont erase it?

Quick announcement here based on privacy.

We all know about it, and here at BalckIron we want to respect it as much as possible.

You can read up on our Privacy Policy here;

We’re introducing a few new ways for you to reclaim your data.

1. Email

Send an email off to [email protected] [NOT RIGHT NOW. [email protected] STILL WORKS] with proof of ownership of your account and anything you want to include.
We will then take the action requested on the account associated with that email.

2. DM @privacy-requests

Send us a message, and we will take action on the account that sent the message.

You can;

  • Have all your posts made anonymous
    • You can have all of your posts made under a new user such as @anon22683924, or put under @Account_Deleted,
  • Delete your account and all data associated (not recommended)
  • Perm suspend your account (Makes it so you cant login)

We should respond to your inquiry within 5 hours through two working day.

Forum messages will be answered faster.

Thank you.



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Any questions may go here