You can ping forum updates no matter what rank you are

Hello! For days this has been a bug, and for some reason you can just ping forum-updates, no matter what rank you are.

Repro steps:

Tag forum updates in a private area, it should ping everyone there

Expected behavior:
I expect us not to ping it.

Actual behavior:
you can ping forum updates wowowowow

Can you ping it here? I dont think that it works.

@Crcoli737 Were you pinged?


Yeah, as I said you can’t.

yeah by you…

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But we can freely mention them, they should be limited to only members

No you can’t. I just checked the configs.

Do i try again then delete the post right after?

I told you, you can’t ping the group, this is solved.

Oh. Nevermind.

I legit cant tell because you keep replying to me