What should we do with the forum?

Hello all members @trust_level_0,

We’re thinking about what to do with the forum, but want community input. Please vote on this poll thoughtfully on what you think.

All votes are anonymous, so please vote honestly. This is very important.

  • Keep it open
  • Keep it open, but change it forever
  • Keep it open, but change it until TA opens.
  • Close it for now
  • Close it forever

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If you think we should morph the forum into something else, then please start a DM with @staff.

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You should listen to the community more and add feature requests carefully

Btw like the devforum hire bug fixers, and add a “Shadow UI” option and a feature to make custom themes within mod approval

And also gonna open a badge bug, it awarded me “coffee” something something for nothing

Yeah, this was made to listen to said community, but we still dont have any games ready.

A few staff members say Discord is a “great” replacement for that but I strongly disagree.

Also, if you wish to add custom themes then add Stylus

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This is starting to annoy me. Nobody seems to be listening to me, I’m going to put my foot down eventually. I do not want to close the forum. I merely suggested we split the forum and game studio into two different things, because this forum has brought nothing but trouble for my studio and is digging it’s reputation into the ground. This forum has potential for other things more than what it is right now. I agree an attempted remake of the Roblox forums is a neat idea, just don’t try to replace the devforum or do it in a way that causes issues. Right now the only purpose this forum serves is a secondary charting area for like 4-5 people. What a few don’t seem to understand is that not everybody is keen on using an email to create an account on an entirely new website when they could just check a single social media page they’re already familiar with. The only real pros there are here are mainly for the admins, not something the daily user would even be able to notice. A lot of what we’re trying to accomplish here is not something a company in this field of work should be doing. That’s why I suggested splitting the forum and the studio. Where they could both be their own things, optionally being associated via a parent company.


at that point the forum would be thanos snapped into the depths of Crcoli’s archive folder where all old projects lay to die peacefully.

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or i could rebrand it as my own and just have it for communication purposes with @Pixlz and what not,

With almost 10 votes and over 50% being to keep it open, that’s what we will do for now.

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Getting sick of you guys making decisions for my studio without consulting me. I am THIS close to putting my foot down. I have stated several times that I am not happy with the forum in it’s current state being associated with my studio. It’s nothing personal, but I am not going to risk the reputation of my studio for a forum that 4-5 people use. If this forum is to remain open, I demand it is disassociated with my studio as soon as possible. The forum is cool as I’ve stated before, but it has no need to be associated with my studio & dragging it down. I don’t want you to close the forum, but I do not want BlackIron associated with it any longer.

My decision is not final, I will give you one week to either convince otherwise or perform some miracle to make me change my mind. Very sorry I even had to post this, but I will not stand by as you all ignore my input for my own damn company, this is ridiculous.