We need a advertising topic like Off-Topic-Discussion

We need a advertising topic like Off-Topic-Discussion.

Basically you can advertises in the topic any kind unless it dosent include sexual content AND follows the rules


I’ll discuss privately [in a pm] to Pixlz about this

(I am not official, please don’t judge my by my tone :sunglasses:)

Okay. Rn imma just make a topic on devforum that roblox is turning to the wrong decisions

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This would be good for advertising a new project you are working on like a roblox game or even a website

This should be considered
@Pixlz @Lol

I disagree. People would just come to this Forum with the sole purpose of only advertising. They wouldn’t be active or contribute to the Forum in any way. Several Discord Servers make this mistake.

Just use Creations to get feedback instead.

All in all, implementing an advertising system would ruin the Forum’s purpose in my opinion. I personally say no to this feature.