TL2+ should be able to make groups (or certain users)

I would love this as a feature because instead of annoying staff to make it for you they can make it

the first short info post in forum features!!!1111!11!1

What are some use cases? I think it would just create spam.

There is a 10 minute (or second) cooldown, if they make spam like mentioned in your rules they get slienced

Some use cases:

Developers will be able to make groups here eg:
GreatSword Studios Developers
IceCavern Forum Game Co-Founder

They need to be approved by a moderator then


Our groups work different than per se Roblox, so it doesn’t make sense

Yeah, but too many topics so the forum would get flooded with new group topics

Okay? But still, you can update it to a higher level such as TL3+

Literally almost everyone who is TL4 is a moderator which is sad

We dont have TL4 promotions open right now.

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