TA Lobby

Hello, so I was thinking before we got started on the lobby system. Should the lobby be GUI menu based or in-game elevator based (like tds)? TDS is planning to remove the elevators so I think it’s more fair to use them now than it was a few months ago.

However, there are pros and cons to each.



  • Better lobby design because you’ll have to actually walk around in it
  • Easier to develop


  • May be difficult to form specific parties with people (randoms can join)



  • May be easier to set up parties
  • You can have a private party


  • May be more difficult to navigate for new players

Map voting will be in-round, and you will be given a random choice between 3 maps. Map voting will NOT appear during match-making.

  • GUI
  • Elevator

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it’s always a 50/50 bruh

dont try to steal content from TDS and you’ll be fine

edit: askimet is a joke


which is why I’m testing it :nerd: