Submission Rules

–Submission Rules–

》We have references for enemy/troop size and path size. We highly recommend that you use the references for your suggestion if you plan to suggest a map or enemy/troop! -------- vv A model with the references can be found here vv --------
T.A. Submissions Reference - Roblox

》Please do not make your suggestion too complicated or complex. We will struggle to implement it into the game if it is. (We’re just some dudes, not a professional studio!)

》You must use your own assets and skill in your suggestion. You may not use free models or anything that is not created by you. (This is because we are unable to credit every single person that’s model/asset was used!)

^^ you will be suspended from the forum if you’re caught using free models and claiming them as your own creation. ^^

》Do not ask us how to do the movement system for map suggestions, we will handle the enemy movement! Additionally, you ARE able to add curves, hills, and trenches!

》Please do not suggest anything that has been blatantly ripped from other tower defense games. (Examples: Templar from Tower Defense Sim, or Harpoon Hunter from Tower Battles.)

》If you list a troop and or enemy, please list the stats of them! If it is a tower, please also include the upgrade stages of said tower! (maximum of five levels!)


You are allowed to post any media based off Tower Attack in this category. This goes for livestreams, videos, screenshots, speedruns, or anything else you may have to show the community.

Please view the links here:

If you do NOT have our explicit permission to, you must follow link guidelines as shown in the rules.

TA Bug Reports:

To have a bug solved, it MUST HAVE:

  • Media (photo, video following our link rules)
  • Rarity, Impact
  • Reproduction Steps
  • Workaround if you have one
  • What you expect to happen
  • What’s happening

If your bug is a security issue with the GAME, message @bi_support privately. If it’s with the forum then please message @forum_managers ASAP, as we will fix them as soon as we can.