Official Rules of the BlackIron Forum

The following posts in this topic are the rule for the BlackIron community forum.

These rules must be followed at all times or else you will face the appropriate punishment for the rules broken.

This thread was last updated on 8/24/2022, and reviewed on 8/26/22.


1. Avoid spamming, flooding, and irrelevant messages

Spamming irrelevant or unnecessary messages that do not contribute to the topic resulting in the discussion being flooded will result in a removal of your posts (or topic). You will be silenced or suspended depending on the severity of your spam (example: spamming offensive statements or words) or if it is a reoccurring issue.

What classifies as spam/irrelevant messages?

  • Copypastas or posts with a lot of text that do not contribute to the conversation.
  • Flooding the topic with several replies. (Even if the replies are on-topic, avoid sending several replies in a short span of time.)
  • Chains & Chaining. (Several users posting the same word or phrase.)
  • Trolling is not permitted on this forum. Small jokes are fine, but do not blatantly waste people’s time.

You will be punished regardless of your trust level.


2. Do not post N.S.F.W.

(N.S.F.W. = Not Safe For Work)

We want to keep this forum appropriate and generally decent to use. Therefore we will not allow the act (or encouraging) of posting N.S.F.W. content.

What is N.S.F.W. content?

  • Gore & Violence. (Violence is acceptable if it’s in art or game form, but please add a warning in your post.)
  • P*rnography & Adult content. (This includes art and games.)
  • Shocking & Disturbing content. (Posts with the intention of disturbing or shocking another user.)
  • Intentions of self harm or suicide.
  • Cursing

You may use light profanities and curse words, but no slurs or other harsh words. Examples: Damn, Hell are acceptable if used lightly. Harsh words like Fuck & Shit are acceptable only if used on rare occasion. Slurs like the N word, FA word, and R word are not acceptable regardless of context. However, you may not use curse words to objectify and or demoralize another forum user, regardless of the reason. Using curse words too often will result in the removal of your post/topic or silencing if it happens repeatedly. (Using harsh curse words will go straight to silencing.) Using slurs and insulting another user will result in a suspension.

However, posting anything that falls under the other listed topics will lead to a suspension.

Please note we hold all posts with profanity in them for review to prevent any incorrect contexts. We also use external services to decide if a post is spam or toxic, if deemed as such the post will be reviewed by a moderator for review.


3. Harassment, bullying, targeted actions

Do not engage in harassment or bullying of any user. This will result in a removal of your post and a silence/suspension depending on the severity.

What counts as harassment or bullying?

  • Insulting a user
  • Posting private information about another user
  • Blackmail
  • Spam dm-ing
  • Trolling (If it is directed at a specific user)

Harassment/bullying will lead to a silence or suspension. You may not harass anyone regardless of the reason. (Identity, Ethnic origin, Religious beliefs, Skill, Intelligence, Hobbies, etc.) This includes people on and off platform.

Targeted actions are less severe but still unacceptable.

What is a targeted action?

  • Falsely flagging a user’s post(s)
  • Spam mentioning, replying, & liking

Targeting actions at specific users regardless of intent will result in a one-time warning, then a silence with removal of your posts if it happens again. However, if you are continually targeting actions at a user (or targeting users with malicious intent) then you will be suspended.


4. Moderation & User punishment

Our moderation team enforce our rules equally and will provide the appropriate punishment(s) for any broken rule.

We will never ban a user because “we don’t like them”

  • Warnings are usually one-time. Sometimes exceptions are made at the discretion of our moderators. (Warnings will cap out at 3.)
  • Silencing & suspensions can be for 30 minutes (Silences only), 1 day, 2 days, or 3 days. (Suspensions can be permanent, unlike silences.)

If you have gotten 3+ suspensions on your account, you will be suspended permanently. However, if you are permanently suspended and come back on a different account, you will be IP banned from our forum.

We also do not allow any instance of mini-modding. This will result in a 1-day suspension (or permanent if it happens often.)

What is mini-modding?
Mini-modding is the act of a forum user enforcing forum rules, excessively flagging posts, or trying to administer punishment while not being a forum moderator. You may tag a moderator if there is an unsolved incident, but you may not handle it yourself. (Examples: user harassment between two users other than yourself, a troll post, or any other rule-breaking incident.)

Moderators are currently hand-picked by the founders of IceCavern (@Solive & @Pixlz).
Eventually we will have applications.


5. Botting & API Abuse

First part of this rule is you may not post links that are intended to grab other users’ IP or scam them out of anything. This will result in an instant IP ban.

What counts as botting or API abuse?

  • Reply bombs
  • Artificially inflating likes, follows & profile views
  • Automating posts or actions

Preforming any of the following will result in an immediate IP ban. We also do not allow the use of any VPN for the reason of ban evasion & avoiding punishment. If you are caught using a VPN, you will be permanently suspended.


6. Stealing Assets and Ideas

This means filing feature requests that use other people’s assets, use free models, or copy a game such as TDS or TB.
(This means you may not submit things such as “Templar” from Tower Defense Simulator or “Harpoon Hunter” from Tower Battles. You also may not submit anything using assets created by other users that were NOT meant for Tower Attack.)

(You will be credited in-game if your submission is added, and we will contact you to let you know if it was added!)

If you are caught stealing assets or ideas, you will be permanently banned from submitting any TA content or features, and will also receive a 1-day suspension from the forum.


7. Scamming, phishing, viruses

All of these are prohibited and result in a permanent suspension.
You are not allowed to upload .zip or .exe files as a precaution.
Also, fake links will result in a perm suspension. is fine, but something like will result in a IP ban.

Also posting stuff like “claim free robux at” non jokingly will result in a suspension. If you get one of these messages flag it and a mod will deal with the user.

The following links are permitted throughout our forum:

Acceptable Links

YouTube (,,

Spotify (,

Steam (,

Twitch (

Streamable (



Floatplane (

Roblox (,

Roblox DevForum (

Discourse Meta (

Twitter (

Instagram (

speedrun (

Microsoft (,

Apple (

@ValiantWind’s Website (

@Crcoli737’s Website (

@ExperiencersInternational’s Website (

IceCavern Links (

Discord (,,

Medal (

BlackIron links (*

Posting any links outside of the acceptable links listed above will result in a warning, then a suspension.

Posting an IP grabber or a link will result in a permanent suspension.


8. Data Erasure Requests

To comply with multiple laws we must offer a data erasure request to you.
To get one, please message @forum_managers with your reasoning and proof of you owning the account, and we should be able to get your data erased from our servers in less than 24 hours.
Your account will be deleted shortly after your request is accepted.


9. Alt Accounts

Learn more here: Update to Accounts - Forum Updates - BlackIron

You may not have more than 4 alt accounts in the same IP at the same time without approval.

Please read above, as it contains vital info on this matter.

If you break this rule, the account(s) will be suspended, and may be reactivated once permission is granted.


10. Off-site actions

Avoid speaking of incidents that happen off-site unless it contributes to the discussion. This does not apply for general discussion, only specific ‘incidents’ which will be listed below.

Do not talk about the following on our forum:

  • Off-site bans or moderation acts against you or another person
  • Off-site drama
  • What other users do off-site

So in short, “I watched youtube the other day” is acceptable, however “My youtube account was deleted, not fair” is not.

Regarding drama, any instance of drama is unacceptable for discussion on our forum. (Some examples being: Roblox vs. Ruben Sim lawsuit, Youtube removing dislikes, “person said xyz, he’s mean”) A quick mention is fine but we do not allow full discussions or topics to be formed around drama.

We would like to avoid discussion of these things on our forum to ensure everyone stays on topic and does not flood chat with discussion that serves no real purpose. As well as to make sure our forum isn’t a playground for those who break other sites’ rules. (This includes talking about these things in #lounge.)

Doing so will only result in a warning, extending up to 3 warnings before it is a silence with the removal of your posts(s). If this is a reoccurring issue then you will be demoted a trust level.


11. Advertising and promotion

You may not advertise or promote any social accounts/games/other projects without permission from an Admin. (This is mainly for creation of topics, but still applies to posts as well.) This is to prevent spam and chat flooding, as well as off topic discussion.

You may also not advertise anything that isn’t yours. If your request to post an ad is rejected, it is final. Although, you are allowed to post creations and mentions and such.

What’s acceptable & what’s not?

  • “Check out this thing i’ve been working on” is acceptable, however “Hey guys play my game” is not.
  • “I like this person’s posts, here’s their account” is acceptable, however “Please follow this person’s account” is not.
  • “I have permission to post an ad, please follow my friend’s account” is not acceptable. You are only allowed to advertise your own things.

Posting an ad or promotion without permission with result in a removal of your post/topic and a one-time warning. It will be a suspension if it happens again.


12. Impersonation

Do not set your username or profile picture to that of someone else’s in attempt to impersonate them or pretend to be them. This applies to everyone, not just forum users. You may not impersonate anybody from off-site either.

Regardless of it is a “joke” or not, we do not allow this in any context and you will still be punished accordingly.

If you have a similar username to another user or the same profile picture, this is fine and you are not breaking any rules. However, if you knowingly have either of these and are attempting to impersonate someone, you will be permanently suspended, along with the imposter account.