New - portfolios!

Hello everybody and @forum-updates!

Did you notice a new category!
Yes, you can now make portfolios on here as a Talent Hub replacement!

Only constructive feedback will be allowed in replies, along with communications and other notifications from the portfolio owner.

Please include what you do in the title, and offer extensive details!

EXAMPLE: “Nooby - Builder”, “Pixlz - UI/UX Designer”, “Nerd - Professional Nerd”

This will go public today at 6:30 PM EST.

Thank you!

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FInally I can migrate my old portfolio

Screw the Talent Hub

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Yeah, the talent hub is awful. It should open in 5 minutes, I have to write up a template.

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The category is open! Have fun!

finna gonna move my mod hire section there B)

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