New Mobile NavBar blocks default buttons on Discourse App

The new navigation bar blocks the default buttons that used to be there, which were:

  • The button that took you to the previous page you were
    The button that takes you back to the page you were at after you went to the previous page
  • The button that exits the forum and takes you to the Discourse Forum List that you see when you open the app

It is extremely for those buttons to be blocked, because they were extremely useful and convenient to navigate the Forum.

I now have to quit the Discourse App completely when I want to switch to the DevForum or Discourse Meta.

Please remove the new navbar or at least add the buttons that were there before to the new navbar.


I mentioned in the topic that I was referring to the app.

I will add said buttons, which ones do you want added and what icon?

I want the 3 buttons I mentioned in the post to be added.

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I think that’s just the UI of Discourse Hub, will look into adding it or making a PR on the footer repository


I submitted a request to the component. I can personally reproduce, for now if it’s a huge issue use “Fig Discourse” in the app store.

I just found a workaround for you;

Try swiping from the notch down, that should close the forum.

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