My next project will be...?

Hey all, I was about to start a new project for Tower Attack but I have a few things I need to do, and I’m not sure what you guys would be more interested in seeing updates for first.

  • Create lobby
  • Create new map
  • Finish the revamp of all troops and enemies

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First post in #tower-attack :tada:

Poll for my stuff

What should I do?
  • Finish inventory
  • Do shop
  • Revamp UI (use more Acrylic material)

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Here’s an update on the lobby since it’s currently the winning choice, @Feirez and I are currently working on a Classic-Roblox themed revision of my modern lobby build!

Current progress:


My original build:

I will be posting updates on the progress of this lobby here until it’s done.


Only me and Corder will reply plebs (you told me to keep it open :skull:)

wow well uh :nerd: