Massive changes to BlackIron & this forum

This is not a goodbye!

Given the topic created by @anon26801030, it has shed some light on some issues with IceCavern as a whole, as well as this forum. We do not plan on getting rid of this forum (though a few argue it is pointless), we will no longer be allowing a few actions that commonly take place on this forum to ensure the safety of our community, but also our future as a studio. (Please read the revised rules & thomas’ post for context.)

We will enforce these new rules fairly, while also still remaining fair to the community. Bypassing our rules or finding loopholes will result in a permanent suspension regardless of your reputation this forum. These rules will also be updated and changed regularly to ensure we give users the best experience we can using our site.

Now with that out of the way, we are currently working on fixing the issues with our brand & reputation. We plan to rebrand our entire studio and forum after we do this. This is not to avoid our mistakes, as we will be trying our absolute best to fix the issues with IceCavern & this forum before we do so. We only wish to rebrand to avoid that “bad taste in your mouth” scenario when our name is mentioned. (Also because @Solive is having issues with licensing our logo and is unable to create a new one.)

We are allowing our community to provide us with feedback, suggestions, and so on for the future of our studio and this forum. Please, if you have any suggestions for what can be added or changed to this forum or what you think should change within our studio, and etc.

You may also ask questions!

We have looked into new names for our studio to use once we have fully solves the problems that are currently plaguing our reputation within Roblox’s developer community. So we have foiled down our name ideas to what we think sound best, however only two are actually available for us to use. We’re allowing you, the community, to vote on which name you like best!

  • BlackIron
  • Silverthorn

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Both names are inspired by series of Roblox items! This poll will last until the issues with IC are resolved.

Each of the names will have a different website domain name.
( &

IceCavern team


None of the names look appealing, think of one yourself and make it more creative

We all found them appealing and they are creative.

just think of a more creative name like something with the words

I appreciate your feedback but these are the only two names that we liked that also had an available domain for cheap. :slightly_smiling_face:

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if it’s black iron does the forum name have to change

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Yes, the entire studio will be renamed, including the forum’s domain name.

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Yeah it’s going to be a bit more complicated this time around to switch our studio name.

I mean it’s gonna be good if we have a new thumbnail on the roblox group

Could be worse. Imagine trying to change our name once the game is released. That would be a nightmare.


what about a mix of both like blackthorn or something

I like blackthorn as a name

ironthorn is better :frowning:

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true true :thinking::thinking:

But if he doesn’t want ironthorn as a name then he would probably do black iron as a name

search icecavern on google and you’ll see why they have to change their name

I’ve said before, that has zero reason to due with our decision to rebrand.

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I do believe black iron or a mix between the two names is better