Is this forum really dying?

If you dont agree with me answer why

Recently this forum has NOT been really active for the past days, should we get more members? Because to me it feels the forum is dying right now because theres not really people, sometimes it’s just lack of users.

Should we promote this website?

  • Yes, we should promote it
  • this forum is not dying stop lying

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this forum is better then the devforums, the mods are actually great here instead of just “innOrEcT uSe oF cOrRect CaTtEGory”

The Forum isn’t active because it doesn’t have a lot of members.

It doesn’t have a lot of members because a lot of people don’t know about it.

It would be good to promote the Forum, yes, but don’t forget that the Forum has a specific purpose that doesn’t fit all audiences.

AFAIK, We didn’t intend to make every person in the Roblox Community to join.

I moved this to #forum-feedback:forum-features .

Let’s see what the others have to say tomorrow.


Yeah, here in the USA-- i mean backrooms it’s 1 AM

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Good night!

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No, it’s not.

The stats have recently been on the rise actually, this has been a great week actually.

We would love promotions and new users, we just dont know where to get them from.

I dont think it’s dying, it’s just there’s a lack of community. I’m extremely happy with our growth so far, and I cant wait to see what the future holds for us :slight_smile:


How about people from different forums? (but please not the devforum, it’s horrible with mods there)

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I already have the forum promoted on the DevForum, Discourse Meta, Twitter, and I wont put it in my discord bc my family is nosy af


I believe it was already unlisted for some reason, idk discourse is weird

I agree, this currently is a nice chill place and when we open the gates, we will be the originals and we will help users into the forum :icecavern:

As for population, we have lots of people, adding more is the plan!

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im gonna post this website on my reddit :smiley:


Do they know about this place?

No, but this place leads to my twitter, which the 1 cousin who is older than me told all of my sisters one day “oh yeah i found [my] twitter! guys i found [my] twitter!!”

also ALL of them know about my yt :confused:

nobody knows about my dead insta account that i never used bc i hate facebook (@GamersInternational the metaverse robot will kill me)

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better change your twitter name quick :sunglasses:

I thought they were myths… AHH

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no @GamersInternational is a robot created by meta

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We, the alliance will stop @GamersInternational!

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@GamersInternational ping chain starts here

Alright, you guys are straying off topic. I have to channel my inner MaverickGunner here and put a stop to it lol, any further off topic posts will be deleted. Sorry :slight_smile: