[IMPORTANT] Domain switch and downtime/maintenance

Hello everybody.

Please notice that we will be switching domains today.

The .xyz one should redirect to the new one for a bit. The new domain is


Please expect disruption from 1:10pm EST (5:10pm GMT / 6:10pm BST) to 1:30pm EST (5:30pm GMT / 6:30pm BST) as we transfer services over.

Thank you.


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WAIT! Will our user data save?

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Yes, the database and everything will carry over. It’s just going to be a new domain, dont worry.

(sorry i thought i was being funny)

Rickroll detected.

Have fun with google taking over your next name

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world’s largest neutral emoji


we’re roblox game development so i say we’re fine.



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omg zelda stole your name!1!1111

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Omfg no

I cant let zelda take our spots on google again

he used inspect element

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perhaps we should trademark blackiron

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That costs a ton of money I thought

how about you staff buy zelda

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idk if we can since a real estate company uses it.

@ExperiencersInternational Should we buy out Nintendo?