How do i not be socially awkward?

i dont know why i am like this


Act like you enjoy talking to people. When you meet someone new walk up to then and offer a handshake.

Think about what to say before hand, start a usual convo like “Hey, how are you” and if they say “Good and you” then say “I’m good, thanks!” Now they wanna talk to you more often cuz they know how appreciative you are!! Now if they aren’t doing good, ask them how come and try to provide them with as much help as possible.

That’s for online but, for in real life? Just greet them say hello, try startin some random ass convo or giving them a handshake like @Crcoli737 said. Also practice makes perfect so try doing some different convo’s or combinations or sumn to get used to talking to people, then you can just say whatever since they’re your friend.

Try doing something fun like playing a game on y’alls phones or doing something, as long as it’s fun so they wanna hang out with you more. You’ll get used to it the more you do it then you’ll be able to talk to anyone lol

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askimet: stricter edition

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okay, i dont wanna revive this topic but
you should calm yourself down and try to make new friends by meeting other peoples and get to know in common
no matter whats it’s school, or anything, you can still do it

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