History of IceCavern/BlackIron

You read the title, this is a little thing i decided to make for fun, posting in lounge since it’s not really necessary information, but still cool. I’ll be explaining how BlackIron came to be and how we got to this point.

Feel free to ask questions!!

I will hide several sections inside “details” so that you may easily skip to whichever topic peaks your interest.

The very start

Basically, in mid 2018 I created a group on Roblox under the name “Ottos Studio” and began development of several mini game projects myself, in early 2019. I always wanted to make games and possible work with a team of other developers to create an awesome project, so I was always glad to invite friends to help me create projects.

Our first official game project released was Blox’d, a really cheap MM2 ripoff, developed by me, @B4d, and a few other contributors. It has recently been retired and is no longer playable, as of August 2022.


Games and development

Games released under the name Ottos Studio were mainly small projects, unfinished projects, or poorly made projects. Examples being a mod of Azure Mines, Blox’d, UTG Arena, and Sear.

UTG Arena grew to be our only successful game, developed poorly by me using a modded Trolling GUI and allowing players to fight each other using it. There was no offensive content in the GUI, but I was still unaware that Roblox disliked UTG at the time. And so the game was content deleted, as it remains to this day. Sitting at 46k visits.

B4d and I were the main developers throughout most of Ottos Studio’s existence. Though I did not invite b4d into the project until I believe some time in 2020 or early 2021.


The birth of IceCavern

Blox’d had been receiving massive dislike bombs during late 2021. It was at this time that more people had been invited into the project such as @Feirez and @Eye in attempt to make the game more polished. Ultimately, the game still flopped. Blox’d had officially died and with that, so did Ottos Studio. However I did not lose passion for developing games. I wanted to create a new studio, and actually plan out a project and team to create it with. At the time of wanting to do so, little did I know I had met someone I was going to end up doing most of the project with.

Ironically, I met @Pixlz through @N8ddy, whom of which is suspended on this forum. And not long after I met him, I was asking him for his thoughts on a GUI I created for the game that was soon to become Tower Attack. I eventually ended up commissioning him to help make the UI look better, and since that point, we’ve worked together on the project, and he is now a developer here! @B4d & @Feirez (as well as my bf @Ezra) were also hired as developers!

Back to the main story now, this new development studio still needed a name. At the time of making a name, it was still mainly just myself, and @Pixlz working on my UI commission. I had several name ideas, some even having logos! (These will be shown in the next details thing.)


Creating IceCavern

Sixxed, Blacklight, and 4slash were the only three names to actually get logos created. However, they were never used or seen by the public until now! The name BlackIron was born from the name of a song in one of my favorite Roblox game’s OST. Ice Cavern by Evanbear1, part of the Azure Mines OST.

The original BlackIron logo was a simplistic cave with the name below it.

This was later changed to a very poor drawing I made which I refuse to show here. That drawing has been replaced by the logos you see today! But with the creation of BlackIron, the development team expanded, and so did the game project. Now here we are, a forum by @Crcoli737 & @Pixlz named after the studio.



On 8/26/22, we completely rebranded to BlackIron.

Yes, this is what you get instead of updates to the game, if you complain about it, i’m going to do nothing and be mildly annoyed at you complaining.

Hope you found this interesting, I was bored.


Also, is it okay if you can redesign the last logo?

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That logo was the first logo to be created for the studio, it is no longer in use.

redesign it

Why? It’s no longer used and will not be used again.

Can I dm you @Solive

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Please, nuke his dms.

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funny history

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very funny, did laugh

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why does sixxed studio look like it was made in photopea just asking
(sorry for revive)

The person I commission logos from uses photopea. I don’t like the way the UI is laid out so I went to someone who’s more familiar with it.

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