GFX Artist - Kolkerfox

Hello, I’m Kolker. I do a lot of things, but I’m willing to offer my skills as a GFX Artist (and soon, building! :eyes:) to you, for a fair price.

Below you will see examples of my work, prices, tos, and more!


---------------At the bottom of the portfolio.----------------

:money_with_wings: Examples & prices:

  • Profile pictures, Group icons, Other square GFX:

[750 Robux.]

  • Full-avatar renders, Most other renders:

[1800 Robux.]

  • Extra props, hand-held items:

[+200 Robux per.]
^^^ Maximum of 2 per avatar.

  • Extra avatars

[+300 Robux per.]
^^^ Maximum amount of extra avatars is 5 (6 total including the main avatar.). (Maximum is 2 extra for square GFX.)

:x: Here’s what I can’t do:

  • Fully 3D rendered backgrounds. (It’s still beyond my skill level at this moment.)
  • Render avatars with Cartoony Rainbow or “outline” items, due to mesh issues in Blender.
  • 3D Animations (yet!)
  • Advanced fully color-based lighting (Beyond my skill level currently, but not for long!)

:no_entry_sign: Here’s what I WON’T do:

  • Any R63 or Roblox form of N/S/F/W/ action.
  • Bloody or gorey GFX
  • Hateful GFX (Example: You beating up a specific user.)
  • GFX for war groups. (Nothing personal, I just don’t want my work associated with that community. :slightly_smiling_face:)

:eyes: General Information:

When your commission is complete and I send the final result, you will be given one transparent & one of the same GFX with a simple gradient background at no extra cost.

If you commission more than 3 GFX from me at the same time, you will get 250 Robux off of each GFX’s final price. :tada:

The final result will not be watermarked with “Example”. The GFX here are flooded with watermarks due to them being used as general examples of my work, so that they may not be stolen and used without my permission.

I will send watermarked examples for each change and detail you request for the GFX. The watermark will be removed when I send the final product. (See TOS for detail.)

The GFX will be rendered in standard white studio lighting unless requested otherwise.

Here’s some examples of lighting I can do!

Lighting Examples

Default Studio-White

Outdoor / Sunset

Blue/Red Mix

Light Blue/White

This is all I am able to do for now, unfortunately.

:star_struck: All lighting choices are free!

  • But note that when I am showing you examples of each lighting choice you request, I will watermark each until I render the final result of your commission, to prevent theft.

:pushpin: Rules and TOS:

  • I will not cancel your commission unless you are rude or rushing me. (You will not receive a refund. :slightly_smiling_face:)

  • If you need to cancel your commission for any reason, I will happily refund you if no work has been done on my end. (I will contact you when I begin working on your commission.)

  • Do not rush me, I will only take longer. I can get it done in <5 hours depending on how many commissions I have. (I will contact you when I begin working on your commission.)

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.

  • Credit is not required, but you may NOT claim the GFX as your creation.



  • Once I send the final product, the commission is complete and no further changes will be made to the GFX.

  • No R63, Blood/gore, Harassment/Hate, War groups.

  • You may use the GFX for anything after the commission is complete.

  • Respect my personal life, I may not respond to you immediately.

:clipboard: Contact:

Twitter: @Kolkerfox (I no longer use Twitter.)
Roblox: AinsleyFoxxo
Discord: Kolker#0001
BlackIron: @Kolker

>It is encouraged to read the full portfolio. It includes important information if you plan to commission me.<

[This will be updated often.]


please i nee money

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