Forum Welcome Team

There should be a group of members that help welcome and transition people into the IceCavern Forum

When you are promoted to Leader/Moderator/Admin you will no longer be a welcome team member, instead a staff member

If you consider this, there should be a badge and maybe a group so people can tag @WT or @WelcomeTeam for help

If this comes, I’d like to be a welcome team member as I know lots about discourse and can help/welcome new users

I hope this gets added, if not that’s fine :slight_smile:


I like the idea, because members+ see a nice little notice

I feel like it could be nice to have agroup of people to welcome our new members. Will take note for the future :+1:

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off-topic, but i joined on july something, im not new yet


Dosen’t Pixlz and Discobot welcome people already?

consume the T

Discobot is for new user onboarding, and I welcome people that I either notice is new or have no clue who they are

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This feature has been implemented .