Forum Updates - 8/4/22

Oh boy, here we go again. @forum-updates, buckle up.

No overused references today, lets get right into them

1. Welcomer program!

We have started the @welcomer program. The people will welcome new forum members.

2. Referral program

Check out more here:

3. Theme news!

My theme has been changed a lot, some changes are listed here:
New loading animation

And much more!

2. New theme soon!

I just uploaded a theme to Meta named Blackout, look out for it soon here!

4. New image controls!

Try it out!

And that’s about it, enjoy! If not, click this nice little link…

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Dont ever make me send a hate message to staff ever again or else i’ll hire the devforum mods to run this service. (joke)

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Nice new updates! As a welcomer, I’m thrilled to be here and welcome new users!

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