Forum updates - 8/2/22

Hello @forum-updates! Welcome back to FORUM THEORY!!


Another boring edition of forum updates here.

1. New categories!

Did you notice Other Games?

It’s for all other games by our studio! Feel free to turn on post notifications for Announcements for more announcements on those games.

2. Discourse updates

Go and check for these, idk it’s 2am and I want sleep

3. Incoming rules update

We’re going to add a rule regarding laws in the next few days, stay tuned.

4. Mail issue updates

We have switched to a temporary provider for now, it will work until we get Mailgun back.

5. Theme improvements

@Solive’s theme will be renamed and fixed to work on mobile tomorrow, and my theme has had several improvements, and plans, stay tuned to my meta topic for that

And also, @ExperiencersInternational’s theme has been fixed, and now properly uses Inter again.

If you like it, great! If not, click here

(also, the date is slightly off, I started to write this, but then got bored and put it off until 2am)

Will this suggestion ever be added? Sorry if this is off topic, I think it would be cool & necessary though

Ps get some sleep, it’s important

Yeah, I eventually get to all the feature requests lol

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