Forum Updates - 8/17/22

Les gooo - DaBaby

“Ugh” You and @forum-updates members

Anyways, let’s go into another edition of forum updates.

Plugins Removed

We removed the Chat plugin, and a few other, such as Tickets. This makes room for more plugins if we wish.

Mod Applications

are on the way! Stay tuned for an update from us.

Sidebar disabled

We disabled the Sidebar for a bit more. Please stay tuned, we will let you know when we have re enabled it.

New categories

Developer and all subcategories have been made public!

Enjoy talking about IC games here.

Mobile Nav Bar

There’s now a mobile nav bar!

WARNING: This does not work with Discourse Hub properly. We recommend Fig if this is an issue.


Fig looks like this:

Rules Update

There are some new rules to keep our community as safe as possible.

Discourse changed

There are a bunch of internal Discourse changes for the better, please check Meta for these changes.

That’s about it for now. Thank you!

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I moved everything people shouldn’t see to #staff and we got a feature request for it

You can use safe mode if this is a problem.

Safe Mode

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Did you mean to reply somewhere else?

Safe mode is not recommended for our site, it disables essential plugins.

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If these plug-ins are a problem, enable safe Mode.

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I dont get it. Do you mean the NavBar that hides the Hub Ui?

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Yeah, that :slight_smile:

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Yeah in that case just go like the bug report or reply on it until we can find a solution. We have to be careful over buttons we add because of the limited psace we have on mobile

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No, it was made to look like iOS so it’s only on the App Store I believe