Forum updates - 7/21/22

Hello everybody!

I’m excited to announce that we have made some pretty good changes to the forum today.

1. Removing the User Network plugin

This plugin enabled /user-network and looked cool, but it caused a bit of slowdown and we a bit unnecessary, so we removed it.

2. Toxicity filter

New! If your post is 70% toxic, then it will be held for review.
“I hate this update” is allowed, but “Bruh go fuck yourself and die” will be held for review.

3. BBCode Color support

[color=#aaa]do you like[/color]
[color=red]colored text?[/color]
[bgcolor=blue]or maybe backgrounds?[/bgcolor]
Now you can use BBCode to markup your text. It supports HEX, and basic color names.


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Hey, what about posts we dont mean about the forum? Will those get held too?

Anything that the system thinks is 70% toxic will be held.

[color=red]no i will not enjoy[/color]