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old and outdated Website: https://bit.ly/DarkPixlzPortfolio
Hi! I am an up-and-coming Roblox Developer. I joined in June 2016. My first traces of development was on 7/13/2016. Since then, I have been working with Lua and JavaScript, Python, and HTML.

If you claim my work as your own you will be IP banned!

Videos (more detail of screenshots)

All of there were pretty bad, so I removed them. Coming soon ig?

Screenshots: UI






I can do most anything you want in HTML, CSS, and Lua.

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On weekdays, I can normally do in between 4:30 and midnight EST.I wont be at my computer the entire time, and I will be leaving to do things. But, that’s when I’m awake.
On weekends It really depends on a ton of things.

I dont have one of my new banners made for this yet, will get to that soon :wink:
Prices are negotiable, I accept a solid amount, or per asset, or %. My preferred payment method is solid.


For GROUP PROJECTS (Long Term), I prefer %. I can take solid, but would rather %.
You MUST have a backup for %!!! That’s so if the game fails, I’m not left doing free work.

Per asset:

You may pay in Discord Nitro (if acceptable, not classic!) for 1 TIME COMMISSIONS ONLY!

  • Frame with scripts (ex shop) - 200 - 500 (Entire UI is a whole game)
  • frame: 10RS- 100R$
  • Fix your UI: (make it fit, etc.) 50R$-1000 depending on how bad
  • Entire UI w/Scripts: 1000-2500(depending on complexity)


  • 1 Script: 5r$ - 400 rbx (depends on complexity) (I won’t charge you for basic stuff, like frame open scripts!)
  • UI scripts: FREE (INCL WITH MOST BUTTONS) - 250 rbx
  • Entire game: 2000 rbx - 5500
  • Remove Viruses - FREE - 100rbx
    ( I will try my best as I will not install exploits to get into your backdoors.)


  • Fix your lighting: 10 rbx
  • Create Fitting lighting: 25rbx
  • Testing: 250R$ (Terms still apply!)


(I dont have one of my banners for htis, will make one ASAP :slight_smile:)

lol no button here, so you cant skip!
Please follow these before contacting me!

  • I can cancel Mid-Order, if you paid half at the start of the order you will be refunded, money lost to tax UNREFUNDABLE
  • If I am 50% complete with a Group Project and you paid my 50%, You wont be refunded.
  • I can display the work I made for you here.
  • You may not cancel an order when I am close to finishing
  • I can decline anything.
  • I can turn down lowball offers.
  • Don’t abuse bundles
  • You may not request something that would take forever.
  • You must respect when I am closed on offers.
  • % is not accepted for commissions and short term, unless the game has a player base of 2.5k+, or 1k a day in revenue.
  • I will not accept a group project / long term commission for a Roleplay game.
  • Don’t contact me with a budget of 0R$ if you plan on requesting complex items.
  • Do NOT add me to your topic / jobs list without my confirmation.
  • I can decline your work if I don’t like the game concept/idea.
  • DO NOT RUSH ME!! I am more likely to take longer if you rush me. I work at my own pace.



Buy more, get more value!
Entire scripted game With UI included: 6.5K
Leaderboard UI (UserInputService/ContextActionService) - 200R$
More bundles later, as I get requests!

Again: Find this too expensive? They are negotiable!

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord @ Pixlz#3383. Your fastest response will be the Discord + Forums, I check both at the same time. Discord is your fastest tho, bc I will get the notification.

ROBLOX PM’s are for the most part ignored. Discord is free, and you can easily get in a DM with me on the forums.

I wake up around 5 on weekdays, and I leave at 7:30. I come back at 2 and I’m there until ~9.
I wake up at 8 on weekends/holidays/days off of school.
Wednesday, I get back at 1.
There is a possibility I oversleep.
I am very flexible on times, just send me a DM and I respond ASAP. I also don’t care if you accept and instantly need to go.
Thanks for reading! Feel free to contact me. :slight_smile:


Feedback on UI! (no reason for scripting rlly)

UI rating!
  • 10/10
  • 9/10
  • 8/10
  • 7/10
  • 6/10
  • 5/10
  • 4/10
  • 3/10
  • 2/10
  • 1/10
  • 0/10
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this is your portfoilo from the devforum