BlackIron Discord server?

This will NOT replace the forum.

A BlackIron Discord server may be more user friendly for those who don’t want to use the forum, and it’s able to be linked directly to the Roblox group without moderation. It could be used as a secondary place to post announcements for those who aren’t on the forum.

I also have experience in setting up discord servers, so it won’t be too difficult. And also so that we don’t have to use my hangout discord server for BlackIron contact connection, as my server no longer has Tower Attack or studio-related channels due to the forum existing.

The only con I can think of is that it may not be as active as either my server or the forum, but I feel like the pros outweigh the con.

We could also use the server to advertise the forum in case users who join aren’t aware of it. :wink:

I’d be interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts and opinions, especially the user’s!

BlackIron Discord server?
  • Yes
  • No

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My discord account is closed because of phone verification

Sure though, seems epic

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totally a black iron discord server because it can be about tower attack and other things

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Will it be separate from the bois den or will it replace it

The bois den will stay, Blackiron will be a different server.

False. This server will NOT be replacing my personal server. Please do not post unconfirmed statements as fact.

It will be a separate server entirely.

What about Guilded? I personally don’t use Discord anymore because it keeps thinking I’m a bot and requiring phone verification and I don’t want to have to juggle my number between my personal & dev accounts. Plus, Guilded has many more features and channel types that would work with BlackIron.


Possibly, but I personally dislike Guilded and no longer use my account on it, nor do I plan to return to it. So that has an unlikely chance of happening since very few of our greater staff team (BlackIron as a whole, not just the forum) actually use Guilded.

I’ll look into it though.


we are in the same universe

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Ty for letting me know :relieved:

black iron . Dev

I also do t like Guilded. I only have it to communicate with friends who can’t have discord and that’s about it

discord is epic

but dumb because their mods / phone requirement / nitro scam


True that because the nitro scams, mods, and other stuff gets out of control sometimes

Millions of people were scammed because discord wanted to fill up their banks like a giant toaster. Do better discord

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