Askimet is not picking up spam

Hello. Today this might be a bug but i spammed in a topic, and askimet didnt flag it.
Is askimet broken ?

Repro steps;

  • Spam something in a topic

Expected behavior;

askimet starts screaming

Actual behavior;

askimet is kalm

Is this a bug? Thanks in advance

Akismet should filter spam and warn us.

That means a new user saying “You won a new car!” 50 times would be flagged
What you were doing would probably count, but our only option here would probably be to turn up the strictness of it which we probably want it stay away from.

Will look into it

Hope we don’t get warned for saying “hi” or other stuf like thst

Found the issue. TL2+ are not checked for spam.

Thanks for the report though.