An example of using <del>, <ins> and <div>

Ever been wondering to get deleted text? Or maybe replaced text!

This is a free guide how to use `del` and `ins`, and even div!

Deleted Text and using Replaced Text (using del and ins)

I will break the forum rules
i will follow the forum rules for a cookie

<del>I LOVE MARKDOWN</del>
<ins>No you dont, now stop lying</ins>

Using div to make replaced text and right sided text

Centered text:

<div align = center>
I am centered text!

Right Sided text:

<div align = right>
I am Right Text!

And half of this credit goes to jer. He’s a markdown expert. Ask him anything about markdown. (but dont swarm him with markdown questions)


I may merge this into the existing markdown tutorial, or not. Up to you

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I would but I don’t want anybody getting ideas

Community resources soon?

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There’s a process to everything, chill

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Then merge it into the existing markdown tutorial and credit me please

I’m going to make it a reply