Add three new plugins to the forum (correct version)

Add three new forum plugins to improve the Longue category, and so that quick discussions can be put in a better place.

(Discourse Chat - plugin - Discourse Meta)

Description: Adds a quick chat feature so that quick discussions can be placed in here.

(Discourse Upvotes - plugin - Discourse Meta)

Description: Improves the longue category and any support categories.

(Discourse Voting - plugin - Discourse Meta)

Description: Allows users to vote for new stuff.

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We were using chat, but it was removed eventually due to inactivity. We could bring it back if there’s interest though.

This plugin is already installed.

Same here.

Never got to try or use, can wehave it back?

Talk to @Crcoli737.

Tell me how bad you want it…

I will scream so hard that askimet will bounce into oblivion.

At which point you will lost TL3 which is required to use it bc you are 1 flag away rn

fair enough

ill add it back just for you

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All have been added.