A normal user — Roblox game moderator

Posting here since ROBLOX removed portfolios :pensive:

Hello! Some of you might be having trouble moderating games as some moderators ban users randomly.

Say no more! Want a moderator who develops? Done. Want a good moderator? Done.

I am here to moderator servers.

Requirements are:

  • Must have rules for me to understand.

  • Must have at least 5 human people who joined.

  • Must have a admin panel

Happy hiring! (Let me know if In wrong topic)


Cool! Cool :sunglasses:

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We should have a portfolios section imp.
What do you think @Crcoli737 @Solive?

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And a topic that closes straight away for #portfolio

Woops! Not a forum, for roblox games. Ignore what I said

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Yeah, def build a good reputation with Discourse and in anyway is a great idea for any mod positions, or even for resumes.

“A ministration of an active online forum and contributor to an open sources forum software, Discourse” looks good on your resume

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Replies are a good thing for feedback and constructive criticism.


Ohh, I was thinking like a billboard, for rules/updates/community announcements

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Use bulliten board on the DevForums for that, or make your own website. It’s fairly easy if you know what you’re doing. I may make a tutorial


No button here noob :clap:t3:
I have the right to disapprove your project if I hate it.
I will not accept adult content.
You must pay me. (If you have no robux, I will still accept.)
You will understand that this change is final.
One job per day. I do not go around doing mutiple jobs. Thank you!


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This change is final? If we hire you, we can’t fire you?

sounds good

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If you give me some good reasoning, you can fire me


Firing for no reason will make me confused on the way back.

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